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Character Creation Fun.

Sun Feb 26, 2017, 8:48 AM

I've seen this going around and wanted to do it so... I am. :D

You're only meant to do 3 but I'm doing 6. :D

C: Kole Headshot by bigrika
When I first created Kole it was literally because I already had a British and Irish character and wanted a Scot and Welsh character to represent the UK aswell. I didn't have many guys so I decided the Scot would be a guy and chose Shellycoat because it's a lesser known monster and thus there was none already. Shellycoats are essentially Scotland's aquatic bogeyman and known for their pranks such as pretending to drown then laughing. So with that in mind, I knew he had to be a cheeky chappy. The description I found of a shellycoat described them as 'pale green skin and covered in shells that rattle when they move; His hair is thin and black, in long wet strands reaching down his back.' I obviously altered the colours slightly giving Kole a pale blue-grey skintone and green 'hair' but Grandpa Shelley matches the original description. I was happy with the design I came up with but I never did anything with him. I almost gave him up for adoption but opted to revamp him instead and am so very glad I did as I can't imagine my OCs without him now. Instead of having the obvious coat of shells he originally had, I opted for Shell prints and lots of shell Jewelry. It seems much better for a modern MH setting whilst still allowing the rattling.
His family has come a long way since his creation too. In the beginning in was just him and his dad Seamus. The weareabouts of his mother unknown (presummed dead.) Then after a holiday romance along came his half-brother Drake. Seamus did his best to make the relationship work but she never wanted kids so Seamus took custody of Drake and raised his boys alone. After years of him not dating, Kole and his friend Aisling set their single parents up on a date not really expecting anything to come of it. Now however, they are married and have two new twin girls so now there family is a family of 7.

Everyone Needs a Flower Crown by pixiesera
Like Kole, Giselle is another I designed and never did anything with. I created her as a shy, nature-loving dancer and always loved her personality. However, with the deerwoman being native american, I was focussing too much on fringe outfits and basically gave her a modified Julia Chang outfit which never really felt right for her. With the help of my friend PrincessAbiliss she helped me revamp her, giving her a much more Boho, Mori-Kei Nature style which is much more fitting for my forest girl. Ever since then everything else has just fallen in to place.

She developed her first crush on fellow dancer @prismarky Anasto. He was the first male friend she made (something she struggles to do with males) and a good dance partner but he developed a crush on someone else and she never told him so it never went anywhere. Forunetly Mitja came on the scene and the two bonded over their love of animals and the outdoors and have been dating ever since.

C: Zoe Headshot by bigrika
Zoe is another one to be revamped. Her design went through several changes. When I originally created her, I intended for her to have blue skin, blue eyes and blonde hair but she looked far too much like her mother this way so I quickly opted for green skin and red eye instead. I kept this look for her but she still looked alot like her mother. I came back to her again and opted to give her shorter hair but it wasn't really enough and I still never did anything with her. Once I focussed more on her style, everything fell into place more. In the beginning she never really had a set style as such. I just drew inspiration from her parents and tried to keep it a bit tomboyish before eventually opting for a more punk style. Now she's more a mixture of rockabilly (as she likes the hair and makeup), punk and retro gamer girl with a love of zombie puns.

She's also come along way. Originally beliving herself to be straight and even have crushes on mansters. Lacking in body confidence, she never admitted this and it was only when she realized she had strong feelings for her best friend KPenDragon Evie that she started to question her sexulaity. Even then, her lack of confidence meant she could never tell her and the fact she knew Evie was straight and crushing on someone else really didn't help. Luckily, she met PrincessAbiliss Wei and the two hit it off immiedtly. The more time the two spent together, the more her crush on Evie faded and feelings for Wei grew and then whilst camping together in November, they got caught out in the rain away from their tent. Rushing back in fits of giggles, they kissed and have been together ever since.

Makeup Adopt Sandi by PrincessAbiliss
Sandi. Sandi. Sandi. It feels like she was my very first character as she's certainly the one people associate with me the most, but in actual fact she was 3rd. I always knew I wanted a bright and colourful character inspired by candy and all that sweet stuff which is why she has a sweet tooth and loves baking delicious treats. I did consider making her daughter of the Candyman but that is a very different movie and wouldn't work for what I had planned. Then I figured Sandman would work perfectly. It's not one many think of as a monster despite being several versions, so it hadn't already been done. Once I'd settled on sandman, I made her as colourful as possible because I always associate cute and colourful and rainbows with dreams which is what I wanted. Her style has changed over the years but she's always been influence by cute and colourful Japanese fashions and lately she seems to be favouring Fairy Kei.

Romantically she's had 3 relationships which have all sadly failed but she doesn't let it dappen her spirit. The first is one we never speak of because it caused far too much IRL drama. The second was with the sweet Hasana-chan Goliath who had a bit of competition from his brother David and lastly her childhood friend PrincessAbiliss Lune who sadly broke things off with her last year. Since then she's took her baking online and now runs a successful frightube channel called DreamyDelights. Full of tutorials, baking advice and tips and just fun baking stuff.

Not even if you move the Stars by PrincessAbiliss
When I created Quinn, I knew I wanted her to be the popular Queen B character. She had to look like her father so blonde hair and the mismatched eyes was a must and ofcourse being her fathers only daughter, she's a spoilt princess.
I already had a backstory in place. As a freshmeat she was a preppy pink princess. She already had royal statue so was instantly popular and she loved it. One of the popular boys Hayden had shown an intrest in her and she was intrested but he'd got himself a reputation as a ladies man and although naive, she wasn't stupid so he had to put some ground work in, going out of his way too woo her and not show any intrest in any other girls. His perseveriance paid off in the end however, as she agreed to date him and they dated for 3 months over his usual 3 weeks. She lasted longer than most but ofcourse he got bored and broke her heart. It took her some time to heal but she used the summer to revamp herself. This is when she came in as a Sophmore. As scene queen Quinn. Determined not to get hurt again, she'd basically upted the anti from a Gretchen Weiner to a Regina George. If she liked you, she would go out of her way to help you but if she didn't, you would be sure to know about it.

During her rein as Queen B, she was wooed by KPenDragon Robby and although he didn't get her friends or her fathers approval, she dated him anyway. and although the relationship wasn't always easy with disapproval from both sides, They were happy. He father was still rooting for her to end up with a prince. The fairy prince Avalon to be exact and after the disapproval getting too much, she caved and called things off with Robby. Her father was still singing Avalons praises and the two agreed to go on a date just to shut their parents up. The date went well and they started to see each other in a new light. Took them some time to admit to it but eventually started dating and are now engaged and heir to the throne.

Sing your Heart Out by PrincessAbiliss
Madison is another of my characters who has been threw ALOT. She's my hopeless romantic that has been unlucky in love. Daughter of the infamous Jack and Sally and the first of many NBC characters for me. Obviously I created her because of my love of NBC and Jack and Sally being the central characters.

She struck up a friendship with pixiesera Hedward who she fell hard and fast for. She knew he had a crush on Bo though so she would never admit her true feelings as much as she wanted to. Luckily for Madison,  Bo did not feel the same way and once Hedward eventually confessed his love for Bo and was rejected (naturally he was crushed and needed time to get over it) Madison and Hedward became closer and eventually became a couple. I absolutely loved them together and as far as I was concerned, they were end game. Unforunetly Hedward fell out of love with Madison and it broke her heart. This took me waaaaaay too long then I care to admit to get over and is the main reason I decided to move her away from the MH setting by graduating her and focussing on her music. It pulled off as she made it big time and has since gone on to become a famous popstar.

Thanks to her friend Boo, she was reintroduced to an old friend child-of-aros Archie who just so happens to be Boo's cousin. He was able to make Madison smile again although a part of her was still caught up on Hedward, they started dating but unforunetly they were just too different and it didn't work out. (Archie felt 2nd best to Hedward and Madison could never really accept his job as a stripper however hard she tried) and it didn't work out. After those bad experiences she had pretty much decided she had no time for a relationship because she just wound up getting hurt. However, her job always keeps her on the move and she ended up meeting Bones. She never would have thought they would wind up together as he always appeared grumpy and unintrested but he was different when he was around her. He actually smiled and as the two spent more time together, they grew closer and closer and her hopeless romantic came through again. They've now been dating for several months and are very happy. Hopefully this time it's for keeps.

I wasn't tagged so I'm not really tagging anyone but if your reading this, and feel like doing it, then you can consider yourself tagged. ;)

CSS by im-not-sana
Graphics by pronouncedyou
Skin by im-not-sana (modified by GothicKitta)
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MereChan Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe I regret nothing hehehe
GothicKitta Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
Hasana-chan Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
Oh gee, I didn't know Sandi and Lune broke up, I'm sorry for that : (( I hope Sandi finds someone who'll love her and appreciate her to no end because she's awesome ´u` :heart:
GothicKitta Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
Aww thank you. :hug: Sometimes things don't work out and that's ok. Hopefully she will meet someone else. :)
Hasana-chan Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
Of course dear :hug: and yeah I hear that ;w; still sad tho. But I'm sure she will! 
I was actually thinking yesterday that Darnell might have a low key crush on her, is that ok? ;w; 
GothicKitta Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
Ooooh Ofcourse that's ok! That'd be super cute actually. Have quite a bit in common with the whole dreams, beds connection. Not to mention both being on Frighttube and sharing a sweet tooth ;)
Hasana-chan Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
Yay thank you :dummy: And awww it's true they do GIF Steven Universe - So Cute!! Plus kindness and their wish for everyone to be friends YwY Darnell thinks super high of Sandi for that 
GothicKitta Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
Your welcome. Hehe aww they do have a lot in common and it is adorable. He should totally come play on tumblr ;)
Hasana-chan Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017
He should, shouldn't he? :'''DDDD 
GothicKitta Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017
He should :D Sandi would wlecome him with open arms and celebratory cakes (because she can xD) :)
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