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Seen the likes of Prismativity Avian234 & egoetrexmeus do this and wanted to join in the fun.


Annabella Bominable
- Heteroromantic Asexual
Romantic Status: Single

Brianna 'B' Geuse - Biromantic Bisexual
Romantic Status: Dating MereChan Miho

Calistar Galileo - Homoromantic Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle. (Only looking for no strings attached fun)

Flare Vulcano - Biromantic Bisexual
Relationship status: Dating pixiesera Cryptsten

Garner Goyle - Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Dating Serafina Gorgon | X |

Giselle Hartley
- Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Dating Prismativity Mitja Resnik

Jasper Brooks - Biromantic Bisexual/curious
Relationship Status: Dating/Soon to be dating Santana and pixiesera Gaston (Polyamorous relationship)

Jett Deville - Homoromantic Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single but crushing on PrincessAbiliss Hex

Kimmi Scissorhands - Panromantic Pansexual (Male Pref)
Relationship Status: Dating child-of-aros Koji | X

Kole Lee Shelley - Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle (Only looking for no strings attached fun)

Lily Rose - Heteroromantic Heterosexual (possibly Bi with Male pref)
Relationship Status: Dating her music man MereChan Grimm

Lumina 'Mia' Moone - Biromantic Demisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Perrie Perrington
- Homoromantic Homosexual
Relationship Status: Dating MereChan Asher

Sakiko Shinju
- Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single (Sadly)

Sandi Manning
- Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Dating Hasana-chan's Darnell Underbed | X | O

Sasami Tsunami
- Biromantic Bisexual (Strong Female Pref)
Relationship Status:
Dating Candy2021 Thia

Santana Deville
- Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Dating/Soon to be dating her ghostly boys Jasper Brooks & pixiesera Gaston (Polyamorous relationship)

Serafina Gorgon
- Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Dating Garner Goyle | X

Shigehiko Shinju - Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Taken by MereChan Hannah | X

Silver Vidal - Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Dating PrincessAbiliss David Von Zandira | X

Zoe M.B. - Homoromantic Homosexual
Relationship Status: Dating PrincessAbiliss Wei-Gee Bord



Avalon Lockheart - Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Enagaged to Quinn King | X

Avery Lockheart - Biromantic Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Quinn King - Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Engaged to Avalon Lockheart | X


Bones - Heteroromantic Heteroflexible
Relationship Status: Dating Madison Skellington

Boo Boogie - Biromantic Bisexual (Male Pref)
Relationship Status: ???

Cece Tearaway - Heteroromantic Heteroflexible
Relationship Status: Single

Hayleigh Quinn - ???
Relationship Status: Single

Harvey Quinn - ???
Relationship Status: Single

Hex Boogie - Biromantic Bisexual (Female Pref)
Relationship Status: Single

Madison Skellington - Heteroromantic Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Dating her drummer boy Bones

Maria - ???
Relationship Status: Single. Busy being Madison's Manageress.

Character Creation Fun.

Sun Feb 26, 2017, 8:48 AM

I've seen this going around and wanted to do it so... I am. :D

You're only meant to do 3 but I'm doing 6. :D

C: Kole Headshot by bigrika
When I first created Kole it was literally because I already had a British and Irish character and wanted a Scot and Welsh character to represent the UK aswell. I didn't have many guys so I decided the Scot would be a guy and chose Shellycoat because it's a lesser known monster and thus there was none already. Shellycoats are essentially Scotland's aquatic bogeyman and known for their pranks such as pretending to drown then laughing. So with that in mind, I knew he had to be a cheeky chappy. The description I found of a shellycoat described them as 'pale green skin and covered in shells that rattle when they move; His hair is thin and black, in long wet strands reaching down his back.' I obviously altered the colours slightly giving Kole a pale blue-grey skintone and green 'hair' but Grandpa Shelley matches the original description. I was happy with the design I came up with but I never did anything with him. I almost gave him up for adoption but opted to revamp him instead and am so very glad I did as I can't imagine my OCs without him now. Instead of having the obvious coat of shells he originally had, I opted for Shell prints and lots of shell Jewelry. It seems much better for a modern MH setting whilst still allowing the rattling.
His family has come a long way since his creation too. In the beginning in was just him and his dad Seamus. The weareabouts of his mother unknown (presummed dead.) Then after a holiday romance along came his half-brother Drake. Seamus did his best to make the relationship work but she never wanted kids so Seamus took custody of Drake and raised his boys alone. After years of him not dating, Kole and his friend Aisling set their single parents up on a date not really expecting anything to come of it. Now however, they are married and have two new twin girls so now there family is a family of 7.

Everyone Needs a Flower Crown by pixiesera
Like Kole, Giselle is another I designed and never did anything with. I created her as a shy, nature-loving dancer and always loved her personality. However, with the deerwoman being native american, I was focussing too much on fringe outfits and basically gave her a modified Julia Chang outfit which never really felt right for her. With the help of my friend PrincessAbiliss she helped me revamp her, giving her a much more Boho, Mori-Kei Nature style which is much more fitting for my forest girl. Ever since then everything else has just fallen in to place.

She developed her first crush on fellow dancer @prismarky Anasto. He was the first male friend she made (something she struggles to do with males) and a good dance partner but he developed a crush on someone else and she never told him so it never went anywhere. Forunetly Mitja came on the scene and the two bonded over their love of animals and the outdoors and have been dating ever since.

C: Zoe Headshot by bigrika
Zoe is another one to be revamped. Her design went through several changes. When I originally created her, I intended for her to have blue skin, blue eyes and blonde hair but she looked far too much like her mother this way so I quickly opted for green skin and red eye instead. I kept this look for her but she still looked alot like her mother. I came back to her again and opted to give her shorter hair but it wasn't really enough and I still never did anything with her. Once I focussed more on her style, everything fell into place more. In the beginning she never really had a set style as such. I just drew inspiration from her parents and tried to keep it a bit tomboyish before eventually opting for a more punk style. Now she's more a mixture of rockabilly (as she likes the hair and makeup), punk and retro gamer girl with a love of zombie puns.

She's also come along way. Originally beliving herself to be straight and even have crushes on mansters. Lacking in body confidence, she never admitted this and it was only when she realized she had strong feelings for her best friend KPenDragon Evie that she started to question her sexulaity. Even then, her lack of confidence meant she could never tell her and the fact she knew Evie was straight and crushing on someone else really didn't help. Luckily, she met PrincessAbiliss Wei and the two hit it off immiedtly. The more time the two spent together, the more her crush on Evie faded and feelings for Wei grew and then whilst camping together in November, they got caught out in the rain away from their tent. Rushing back in fits of giggles, they kissed and have been together ever since.

Makeup Adopt Sandi by PrincessAbiliss
Sandi. Sandi. Sandi. It feels like she was my very first character as she's certainly the one people associate with me the most, but in actual fact she was 3rd. I always knew I wanted a bright and colourful character inspired by candy and all that sweet stuff which is why she has a sweet tooth and loves baking delicious treats. I did consider making her daughter of the Candyman but that is a very different movie and wouldn't work for what I had planned. Then I figured Sandman would work perfectly. It's not one many think of as a monster despite being several versions, so it hadn't already been done. Once I'd settled on sandman, I made her as colourful as possible because I always associate cute and colourful and rainbows with dreams which is what I wanted. Her style has changed over the years but she's always been influence by cute and colourful Japanese fashions and lately she seems to be favouring Fairy Kei.

Romantically she's had 3 relationships which have all sadly failed but she doesn't let it dappen her spirit. The first is one we never speak of because it caused far too much IRL drama. The second was with the sweet Hasana-chan Goliath who had a bit of competition from his brother David and lastly her childhood friend PrincessAbiliss Lune who sadly broke things off with her last year. Since then she's took her baking online and now runs a successful frightube channel called DreamyDelights. Full of tutorials, baking advice and tips and just fun baking stuff.

Not even if you move the Stars by PrincessAbiliss
When I created Quinn, I knew I wanted her to be the popular Queen B character. She had to look like her father so blonde hair and the mismatched eyes was a must and ofcourse being her fathers only daughter, she's a spoilt princess.
I already had a backstory in place. As a freshmeat she was a preppy pink princess. She already had royal statue so was instantly popular and she loved it. One of the popular boys Hayden had shown an intrest in her and she was intrested but he'd got himself a reputation as a ladies man and although naive, she wasn't stupid so he had to put some ground work in, going out of his way too woo her and not show any intrest in any other girls. His perseveriance paid off in the end however, as she agreed to date him and they dated for 3 months over his usual 3 weeks. She lasted longer than most but ofcourse he got bored and broke her heart. It took her some time to heal but she used the summer to revamp herself. This is when she came in as a Sophmore. As scene queen Quinn. Determined not to get hurt again, she'd basically upted the anti from a Gretchen Weiner to a Regina George. If she liked you, she would go out of her way to help you but if she didn't, you would be sure to know about it.

During her rein as Queen B, she was wooed by KPenDragon Robby and although he didn't get her friends or her fathers approval, she dated him anyway. and although the relationship wasn't always easy with disapproval from both sides, They were happy. He father was still rooting for her to end up with a prince. The fairy prince Avalon to be exact and after the disapproval getting too much, she caved and called things off with Robby. Her father was still singing Avalons praises and the two agreed to go on a date just to shut their parents up. The date went well and they started to see each other in a new light. Took them some time to admit to it but eventually started dating and are now engaged and heir to the throne.

Sing your Heart Out by PrincessAbiliss
Madison is another of my characters who has been threw ALOT. She's my hopeless romantic that has been unlucky in love. Daughter of the infamous Jack and Sally and the first of many NBC characters for me. Obviously I created her because of my love of NBC and Jack and Sally being the central characters.

She struck up a friendship with pixiesera Hedward who she fell hard and fast for. She knew he had a crush on Bo though so she would never admit her true feelings as much as she wanted to. Luckily for Madison,  Bo did not feel the same way and once Hedward eventually confessed his love for Bo and was rejected (naturally he was crushed and needed time to get over it) Madison and Hedward became closer and eventually became a couple. I absolutely loved them together and as far as I was concerned, they were end game. Unforunetly Hedward fell out of love with Madison and it broke her heart. This took me waaaaaay too long then I care to admit to get over and is the main reason I decided to move her away from the MH setting by graduating her and focussing on her music. It pulled off as she made it big time and has since gone on to become a famous popstar.

Thanks to her friend Boo, she was reintroduced to an old friend child-of-aros Archie who just so happens to be Boo's cousin. He was able to make Madison smile again although a part of her was still caught up on Hedward, they started dating but unforunetly they were just too different and it didn't work out. (Archie felt 2nd best to Hedward and Madison could never really accept his job as a stripper however hard she tried) and it didn't work out. After those bad experiences she had pretty much decided she had no time for a relationship because she just wound up getting hurt. However, her job always keeps her on the move and she ended up meeting Bones. She never would have thought they would wind up together as he always appeared grumpy and unintrested but he was different when he was around her. He actually smiled and as the two spent more time together, they grew closer and closer and her hopeless romantic came through again. They've now been dating for several months and are very happy. Hopefully this time it's for keeps.

I wasn't tagged so I'm not really tagging anyone but if your reading this, and feel like doing it, then you can consider yourself tagged. ;)

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Journal Entry: Sat Jan 21, 2017, 11:22 AM

Ok so my actual birthday was yesterday but I was busy celebrating ;)

I had an amazing day and got some amazing gifts. Absolutely spoilt!
Obviously going to see Impratical Jokers last week was part of my presents, but I got a bunch of Nightmare before Christmas stuff, Funko POPs, Disney stuff including some super adorable Mickey and Minnie slippers from the Disney store and a mahoooosive Nemo. I really need to take pics of all my goodies. So so much.

Thank you to everyone that left messages here and on facebook and ofcourse to everyone that gave me cards and gifts in person <3 It really was an excellent day :)

Happy 2017! Today is the day!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 12, 2017, 2:58 AM

My Profile PageMy GalleryMy Journal

Today is the day! :D

One week tomorrow it's my birthday but today I get a early birthday present and am off to see Impratical Jokers/The Tenderlions LIVE in Manchester on the 'Santiago sent us' tour. :D I had wanted to go on the last one (The first in the UK with only London and Manchester dates) but I only found out literally the day before that they were in the UK.

Update: OMG They were amazing! It was sold out with only a few empty seats from no-shows and an audience that was in hysterics.

This is where you feature your friends.

This is where your featured deviations go.

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Roll on 2017

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 30, 2016, 12:33 PM

2016 was.... a sucky year. I spent most of it feeling down & depressed or in work with very little free time, Many celebrities were taken from us, my Brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and told he'll never walk again....
It was just one thing after another and just a sucky, sucky year. Hopefully 2017 will be better.

There is some good news though. In October, I got engaged so I had my first Christmas as a fiancée and got spoilt rotten! He bought me so much, I honestly feel like I didn't buy him enough. (I always feel guilty if I know someone has spent more on me than I have on them)

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas/Hanukkah or whatever they celebrate and hopefully 2017 will be a good year. :)

New Journal

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 13, 2016, 2:39 PM

My last journal entry was in April and things were bad, but now things are on the up (Well... as much as they can be anyway) so... we need to get rid of that journal entry and update with a colourful and happier entry.

What better way to do that than with a showoff!

Makeup Adopt Sandi by PrincessAbiliss Makeup Adopts Lumina by PrincessAbiliss
Midnight Garden Party by PrincessAbiliss A walk in the woods by PrincessAbiliss  Harajuku Princess by PrincessAbiliss

My wonderful friend Hiri is doing these lovely mystery fashions aswell as make-up.
Just fill in her form with a link to your oc and your chosen theme and you'll get something like my Sandi, Mia (Make-ups) Kimmi, Giselle and Sakiko (Fashions) here. It's that easy!

Commission : The best of fiends by teddy-beard Kitta Krypt by teddy-beard
Monster Selfie - Kole and Jett by teddy-beard Commission : Kimmi and B by teddy-beard Commission: Giselle Hartley by teddy-beard

Chunk does adorable arts too and has done a whole bunch for me from the cutest little kids to sweet and innocent to playful to handsome. He does it all and these are just a few examples of some of the stuff he's done for me.

Go comm these wonderful artists <3

Seriously. Things just keep going from bad to worse.

As some of you are aware, I am dealing with alot of serious family issues at the moment and the stress is taking it's toll on everyone.

I'm trying to stay happy, positive and upbeat but I'm really struggling and have serious paranoia at the moment. My emotions are all over the place and the simpliest of things can trigger it. I feel like people have fallen out with me and that I'm bugging people when I talk to them. So if I've been quiet or wishy washy and disappearing randomly mid-conversation, then this is why.

Happy Birthday Me! :D

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 20, 2016, 12:12 PM

Had a lovely day with the boyfriend spoiling me rotten!
Wanted to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and gifts. I Got some lovely stuff including a Wii U & Some games, amiibos and POP figures (I collect them)  amongst other things. <3

As always I will be doing a birthday showoff of any art I am lucky enough to recieve. Which will be going right here:

Thank you in advance. :)



Journal Entry: Fri Jan 1, 2016, 1:53 PM

So it's 2016 and the start of another year!

And how am I starting off the year?  With a cold. =/ I felt fine yesterday then suddenly BAM! I can't stop sneezing and sniffling and my nose is red raw. Fun times. Just 19 days until my birthday though so hopefully it's gone by then. XD

Alot happened in 2015. Some good, some not so good. It was a very up and down year for me. I suffered from art block, my mood was up and down and I had tempremental computer(s) making it almost impossible to fight the art block. So I'm making it my goal to try and art more this year. I still owe several birthday pics so hopefully I can get those finished and maybe start on the next lot so I can maybe actually be on time with presents this year. xD

Science Fiction, Double Feature..

Mon Dec 7, 2015, 4:20 PM

Have not written a new journal in months (almost a year) so let's update.

  • The first 20 people that comment on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery! 
  • If you comment, you must to do the same in your journal, Putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art first
  • The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! (well it kinda is a free feature...)
#1 Prismativity
(MH OC) Mitja Resnik by Prismativity  Cosplay and Cherry Blossoms by Prismativity C: Kitta Four by Prismativity
I love Mitja, Izzy and Shay look adorable and ofcourse I got to put my lot in there too. ;)

#2 child-of-aros
Davin movember by child-of-aros Henry the sweetest pea by child-of-aros Malus and the panties by child-of-aros
I am not usually a fan of facial hair but it suits Davin so so well! I adore Hennry. He's precious and the last one... oh the last one. xD

#3 Lady-Shroob
Silly Snek by Lady-Shroob  Guess who by Lady-Shroob Florian in the nursery by Lady-Shroob
Silly Sept, Peekaboo and winter Flo! :D

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Commission Showoff Feature.

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 5:11 AM

My Profile PageMy GalleryMy Journal

I have been lucky enough to receive some amazing arts and I wanted to promote and show off those amazing artists. (aswell as keep record of what I'm waiting on so I don't forget as some are quite old requests.)

Sandi Zombie Shake by PrincessAbiliss Boo Zombie Shake by PrincessAbiliss Giselle Zombie shake by PrincessAbiliss
Jett Zombie Shake by PrincessAbiliss Zoe Zombie Shake by PrincessAbiliss

Commission : Kole Shelley by teddy-beard Commission : Drake Shelley by teddy-beard
Commission : Monster Couple Kole and Aqua by teddy-beard  Commission : Monster Couple Jett and Jack by teddy-beard

  Commission - Midsummer Monsters by teddy-beard
Monster Selfie - Kole and Jett by teddy-beard

C: Day at the maul by egoetrexmeus C: Beach Day by egoetrexmeus

C: Mama Boogie  by loud-thunder-2012
Waiting on Hex & Boo

Sandi Manning Fashion Spread by PersephoneKat Quinn King Fashion Spread by PersephoneKat Madison Skellington Fashion Spread by PersephoneKat

<da:thumb id="504160271"/><da:thumb id="521567807"/><da:thumb id="490057219"/>
Letting my trio take center stage here.

Water and Ice by SaintCem Merlissa And Snevaeh by SaintCem

My EAH Girls - Sienna - Shayx2 & Merlissa.

Also for my own records:
Waiting on art from:

GothicKitta :pc1: by RukiexRamen
Santana's birthday sleepover.
Sandi's girly sleepover.

Coffin bean Jett & Zoe
Spooky Movie Night Sandi
Hexelent Music Club Sienna.

This is where you feature your friends.

This is where your featured deviations go.

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OC Feature!

Sat Feb 14, 2015, 9:33 AM
1. For the first 15 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal (spread the love) and put me in the first feature slot huhu. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I feature you after you made the journal. (not inforcing this but it would be cool if you did or just featured other artists)

.:Fingall Macloch:. by ALittleRiddle
:iconalittleriddle:s Fingall! She's such a cutie. I love the mixed hair and the pink and green work so lovely together.

2. Black Magic Woman by ArtyCarty
:iconartycarty: What an adorable pastel goth. Very cute fashion and I love how her pastel pink hair compliments her light green skintone. Very nice.

3. <da:thumb id="461601775"/>
:iconacid-black-cherry: You have some amazing charries but I really love it when Zahara pops upon my dash with her edgy and awesome fashion.

4. Magical Oni by PrincessAbiliss
:iconprincessabiliss: I love all your charries but Izzy is a rainbow ball of pure and utter cuteness! <3

5. Dreading Dahlia by Peanutso-BuTTer
:iconTheCraftRacoon: The ever so lovely Liana draws me in with her pretty and floral ways.

6. Black carpet flo by Lady-Shroob
:iconlady-shroob: You have some lovely charries but I have always loved Flo with his sweet and caring personality.

7. Scottish temperament by clawdeenwolf88
:iconclawdeenwolf88: Blue and orange is one of my fave colour combos and that's one heck of a smile he has too.

8. Million Dollar Trooper by Candy2021
:iconcandy2021: I'm sure this comes as no surprise! That piercing blue eye and metal mouth smile never fails to make me smile and that's without mentioning his couldn't care less attitude. xD

9. MH OC:Khameran by SMAT22
:iconsmat22: I don't know much about her but she is absolutely stunning. Love

10. Centura Time Updated Profile by pixiesera MH: Snap Shiragami by pixiesera
:iconpixiesera: Cen and Snap. I know I'm technically cheating by posting two but they couldn't be any more different if they wanted to be. xP Cen was one of the first characters of yours I fell in love with, she's just such a sweetie and wears the cutest pastel fashions and who doesn't love Snap? Plus you know, he's Kole's bro so I can't not mention him can I? ;)

 <da:thumb id="530052255"/>
:iconwrongcog: How dare you make me choose. xD It was a tough decision because I really love Echo too but I had to go with Vanity. My Biast-ness knows no bounds ;) She's just such a lovely design, fun character and not to mention Boo is pretty fond of her and that takes some doing. Ehehehe. ;)

:star: Have a nice day :star:


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Happy Birthday Me! :D

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 11:30 AM

It's my Birthday! :D Got lots of goodies today including the shockingly silly MH inner monster (which is my fave of the 3) and the MH student disembodiment 5 pack along with some me to you, clothes and other stuff.

Also got some lovely birthday art of some wonderful people which I want to show off here. <3

Birthday Art showoff
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts <3
Kole Headshot~ by Supertato  moon rabbit by child-of-aros
Sienna and Merlissa by sparks220stars


1. Each person has to share 5 things about themselves.
2. Please answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3. Choose up to 10 people and put their icons on your journal - not something like "you are tagged if you read this", you have to tag legitimately 10 people.
4. No tag backs, Please!

Five things about me:
1. I'm more chatty online than in person unless I've known you ages. I get all shy and quiet in person. It's not personal. It's a lack of confidence.

2. I'm the youngest of 5 siblings. 3 Brothers, 1 Sister.

3. I have 5 Nieces and 6 Nephews.

4. Oh nose ^ 11 isn't an even number D: Aka I have a thing about even numbers unless it's a multiple of 5.
(EVERYTHING HAS TO BE EVEN... or 5. Don't give me that look.

5. Umm... I like red sweets. I don't like citrus fruits.

:icondearyem:s Questions:
1.) What was your favorite toy as a kid? Oh I don't know. I had many. The ones I remember the most though are my Teen Skipper doll in her bright pink crop top and Baby Spice in her pink dress and polar bear bag dolls.

2.) Which famous person would you like to spend a day hanging out with and why? Johnny Depp! It's Johnny Depp! He's my fave actor and I adore these quirky characters he plays. It'd be nice to sit down and chat about them and see if he really is as nice as he seems to be. Or Emmett J. Scalan. I could listen to his Irish accent all day! (and go all Stendan fan-girly xD)

3.) Are you familiar with Friends? (Of course you are.) If so, which Friend (Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, or Ross) do you feel you are the most like? 50% Rachel 50% Phoebe. Maybe slightly more in favor of Phoebe...

4.) Did you ever go somewhere really cool or do something really fun on vacation? Tell us a little about it!
Rhodes and Dublin were both really fun. I became obssessed with stray kitties in Rhodes. Naming them all.. and we met a stray dog which looked like my dog who followed us all the way back to our hotel (10 minutes away. xD)
Dublin... I love Ireland. We went on a ghost bus and to the Zoo and I tried to immtate the accent.. badly. xD

5.) Is there a fictional character that you consider to be a good role model? Tell us who and why!
I can't think of one. The fictional characters I like are definetly not good role models. xD

6.) What was your favorite academic subject in school? Math, Literature, Science, or History? Literature. Hands down. I hated Math, wasn't fond of Science and found History boring. :P

7.) Are you right or left handed? How are you at writing/drawing/doing things with your lesser used hand? I'm right handed and my left hand is useless at everything. xD

8.) What's a book or series of books that you recommend everyone ever should read, for one reason or another? ... I haven't read in 13+ years...

9.) What's something you find really embarrassing about your past self? (*cough*MIDDLESCHOOL*cough*) The crazy clothes I wore. xD

10.) Pumpkin Spice or Peppermint Mocha? I like both but I'm going to have to go with Peppermint. Sorry Pumpkin.

My Questions
1. What 3 things would you want if you were trapped on a desert island?
2. Who's your favourite character from any show/book/movie etc. (First one that comes to mind)
3. Keeping with the character theme, what's your favourite ship and why?
4. If you could have any super power what would it be and why?
5. Name one of your guilty pleasures.
6. Are you a people pleaser?
7. What's your spirit animal?
8. Fave season?
9. Fave food?
10. Snickers or Mars?

I tag: (Sorry!)
:iconprincessabiliss: :iconchild-of-aros: :iconblack-ice-gryphon: :iconsaintcem: :iconpixiesera:
:iconwrongcog: :iconpersephonekat: :icongrandlove09: :iconsupertato: :iconteddy-beard:

It's 2015! Happy New Year!

Thu Jan 1, 2015, 4:51 AM

Happy New Year everyone. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed bringing in the new year.  2014 wasn't a great year for me unfortunately and it really didn't feel like Christmas this year (though I did get some lovely gifts from people <3) so I'm hoping 2015 will be better. *Fingers crossed*

And now it's 19 days until my birthday and I have no idea what I want to do. o.O

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 27, 2014, 8:03 AM
Belated I know, but I hope all my friends and watchers had a happy Christmas and got some lovely gifts from friends and family.

I got to finish early on Christmas eve (2.30) which was nice especially as I late found out everyone else at work ended up staying until 7!
We went out for Christmas dinner with the 'rents and exchanged presents. Got some lovely gifts. The day was soon over though and then it was straight back in to work. (At least it was double pay) Boyfriend and I have the weekend off now though so were having a nice relaxing Christmas weekend.

Year will soon be over. Hoping next year will be better than this one though. This one was not a good year.

R.I.P Chloe :( - Aug 2000 - Sep 2014

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 10, 2014, 8:42 AM

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May not be online much for a while as we sadly had to put my dog to sleep this morning so needless to say I am quite upset.

She'd had a good life though. We rescued her from the RSPCA when she was just 3 months old and she'd been with us ever since. She was so well behaved and loving but sadly more recently, she'd started having a few problems but it was manageable with the help of medication. However she started loosing control of her back legs and sadly that meant it was time for her go. :(

You will be missed! :(

This is where you feature your friends.

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Skin created by (c) r0se-designs

Take me home! Adoptables.

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 7:27 AM

MH OC: Hayden Frost by GothicKitta Willow Rivers outfits by GothicKitta MH OC: Sirena Aquarius by GothicKitta
Hayden, Willow & Sirena are up for adoption.
Son of Jack Frost, Daughter of La LLorona & Daughter of a Siren/Sea Nymph

I do nothing with these designs so have decided to adopt them out.

I honestly have no idea if there'll be any interest or what is even a fair price to charge for these old designs I never use so instead if you're interested in adopting one please draw them (Just a sketch or headshot is fine. It doesn't even need to be coloured) and maybe come up with a bit of personality or backstory for them. The one I like best, gets them. Simple as that.

I also have these 3.

Madeline, Perry and Tressa.
Daughter & Son of Mad Scientist. Daughter of Dryad.
For these 3 just state the one you are interested in and provide a bit of personality/backstory for them.

You can do whatever you like with them. Change the name, monster parents, clothing etc. So long as the main body colours stay the same otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose of adopting them. xD

Felt it was time for a new journal and figured what better way than to feature some of the artists that have drawn my characters quite a few times.

Now my first feature has to go to :iconsparks220stars:
A great artist who has drawn ALL my MH characters! Main and minor!

Daisy and Mia by sparks220stars Miles, Milly and Justin by sparks220stars  Mia, Tia and Madison by sparks220stars Boo's Family by sparks220stars
Mia & Niece Daisy |Justin, Milly & Miles | Madison, Mia & Tia | Mrs Boogie, Boo, Hex, Trix & cousin Santana

Royalty at it's finest by sparks220stars Zoe and Jett by sparks220stars Silver, Sandi and Quinn by sparks220stars midnight in scaris by sparks220stars
Quinn, BF Avalon & his sisters Avery & Giselle | BFFs Zoe & Jett | Sandi, Silver & Quinn |Garner, Seri & Bella

My second feature has to go to a very good friend of mine :iconprincessabiliss:
Who spoils me with art and has a particular liking for a specific character of mine...
Sweet Dreams by PrincessAbiliss At the Poolside by PrincessAbiliss Vibrants and Pastels by PrincessAbiliss Say Cheese by PrincessAbiliss
Non-Sandi Art:
Not even if you move the Stars by PrincessAbiliss Family of Tricks by PrincessAbiliss Sing your Heart Out by PrincessAbiliss

Lastly, I'm giving the last feature to :iconqba016:
A great artist who has done me some amazing commissions and I definitely want more!
C: Ghouls Rule Sandi Manning by Qba016 C: Sweet Screams ladies by Qba016 C: Boo by Qba016

Honourable mentions go to SaintCem & maki96 for doing me a bucket load of bio art but I also want to thank each and every person that has ever done me any art. :)

OC Feature Time

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 13, 2014, 1:22 PM

Taken from GoblinBat

Been a while since I did this so thought I'd give it another go.

For THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters. 
I'll also tell you what I like about them. 

If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (or original journalist) in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

:icongoblinbat:'s Morgan. I just adore him and his rockstar look though you have many handsome boys <3
Archimedes by child-of-aros
:iconChild-of-Aros: Archie. ;) Hehehe. He amuses me and I want his spiderweb hoodie.
Constance Kyklop by Lady-Shroob
:iconlady-shroob: I know I've done Flo (and Lore?) before so this time I'm going with Connie because just look at that adorable face. I also adore her Minnie mouse inspired attire.
4. Back to school by Shadow-People
:iconshadow-people: Blume. It's probably actually a tie up between her and Kjae but Blume is such a sweetie pie and you have no idea how much I adore this outfit of hers so she wins. xD
5. Premier by PremierVaritier
I can only see 2 Winx characters in your gallery and I am not familiar with Winx but I like this girls design.
6. Phoebe Menae by Kiyoshiko
:iconkiyoshiko: Phoebe. I love Phoebes design. Everything from her style, the soft colours to the moon details.
7. Vanessie DOTD by GreenTeaDeer
:icongreenteadeer: Vanessie. I adore Vanessie's design and this outfit is absolutely beautiful.
8. Diner with me by Black-Ice-Gryphon
:iconblack-ice-gryphon: Melania. I love Melania. She's a real sassy lady who doesn't let her wheelchair get in the way of her hopes and dreams and she doesn't want anybody else to treat her differently because of it either.
9. Red rose by TetsunoKobushi
TetsunoKobushi: sweetheart Ada. She's such a sweetheart and has such a lovely colour scheme. Not to mention my love of Ireland and elf-related things. ;)
10. <da:thumb id="405496056"/>
:iconmaki96:s Candase. She's such a pretty centaur and I really like her country fashion style with all it's adorable shoe horses. :)


Journal Entry: Mon Jan 20, 2014, 2:30 AM

It's my birthday! :) Got lots of nice goodies and am off out shortly just wanted to post this here and say thanks in advance for the the birthday messages and gifts. I'll be posting all the birthday art I receive here so without further ado... onto the gifts! :)

Birthday Gifts:
Sweet Dreams by PrincessAbiliss A bit of Silver by Lady-Shroob Everyone Needs a Flower Crown by pixiesera
Happy Birthday GothicKitta by Kamau-Studios <da:thumb id="428765208"/>
Reality has no appeal by Candy2021 Happy Birthday! by MH-hearts 
Boo's Family by sparks220stars :thumb428585237: